The PERSEVERE Pro-Life Banquet featuring Patricia Sandoval | Southwest Coalition for Life | El Paso, TX | Las Cruces, NM

Enjoy the 2021 PERSEVERE Pro-Life Banquet Replay from the Southwest Coalition for Life

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00:01:23 Reception: Mike Seibel
00:02:37 Reception: Alex Mora
00:03:19 Reception: Irene Jackson
00:05:39 Reception: Jamie Jeffries
00:06:41 Reception: Students for Life
00:09:03 Reception: Justini Anchondo
00:10:12 Reception: Matthew Seltzer
00:12:50 Reception: Deanna, Intern
00:14:18 Reception: Joel, Intern
00:16:26 Reception: Craig McEwan
00:17:35 Reception: Paola, Intern
00:20:15 Reception: Leota Francisco
00:22:55 Reception: Abortion on Trial
00:24:44 Reception: Bishop Baldaccino
00:25:48 Reception: Deb Gray
00:29:29 Reception: Lynne Avitia
00:31:57 Reception: Bill Cavaliere
00:33:54 Reception: Cindy Larussa
00:35:10 Reception: Fr. Alejandro Reyes
00:37:02 Reception: Phillip Paz
00:40:49 Reception: Pastor Mike Woods
00:42:55 Reception: Nydia Correa
00:47:11 Reception: Summer, Intern
00:48:36 Reception: Jeannine Estrada
00:53:03 Banquet Welcome
00:55:45 Bishop Baldaccino: Prayer
01:00:42 Dinner Interview: Rachel Keller
01:01:55 Dinner Interview: Jane Snyder
01:03:41 Dinner Interview: Cristy Salazar
01:08:12 Mark Cavaliere
01:13:23 Ministry Video
01:21:09 Hero of the Year
01:23:41 Coalition Team
01:25:05 Hero Mom: Jackie
01:27:33 Bishop Mark Seitz: Prayer
01:31:50 Dobbs vs Jackson
01:33:58 HHS Statistics
01:35:40 Coalition Model
01:37:55 Big Announcement #1
01:41:12 Big Announcement #2
01:44:00 Servant of Life Award
01:50:12 Mike Seibel
01:58:55 Patricia Sandoval: Keynote
03:07:46 Call to Action
03:15:42 Monthly Membership
03:19:15 Pastor Woods: Closing Prayer
03:35:21 Exit Interview
03:38:53 Exit Interview: Jessica Sifuentes

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Our Keynote Speaker

PATRICIA SANDOVAL is an international pro-life and chastity speaker and shares her story around the world of her three abortions and work behind the hidden doors of Planned Parenthood, followed by nearly three years as a homeless drug addict, testifying the saving love and mercy of Jesus Christ and His desire to bring this world's hidden dangers into the light for healing. Patrícia currently hosts a weekly television program, Pro-Life Report, on EWTN Español and is the author of the book Transfigured.

"One of the most powerful conversion stories... it's as raw, real, and riveting as a story can get. This story is made for the big screen."

Fr. Donald Calloway
No Turning Back

"Patricia, you're the first person in my entire life that's made me cry on radio... This is the Abby Johnson story on steroids!"

Jesse Romero
Jesus 911

"She is the best speaker I’ve ever heard. She takes the pro-life message to a new level and often receives standing ovations."

Astrid Bennett Gutierrez

Banquet Speakers

Bishop Peter Baldaccino

Most Rev. Peter Baldacchino grew up in Malta, the island South of Italy where St. Paul the Apostle was shipwrecked, performed miracles, and cured the inhabitants before continuing to Rome (Acts 28:1-10). He was inspired to become a priest by Pope John Paul II. In 2019, Pope Francis named him as the third bishop of the diocese of Las Cruces. 

Bishop Mark Seitz

The Most Reverend Mark Seitz was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the eldest of ten children. He was ordained a priest in 1979 and served as a pastor in Garland, Waxahachie, and Dallas. In 2010, he was elevated by Pope Benedict XVI to the Office of Bishop. In 2013, Pope Francis appointed Bishop Seitz as the sixth Bishop of El Paso.

Pastor Mike Woods

Mike Woods is the Senior Pastor at Coronado Baptist Church of El Paso. Originally from Memphis, Tennessee, he grew up in a strong Christian home and served Jesus from his youth by starting a Young Life club. During his senior year of college, he fully surrendered his life to Christ, and has been a pastor for 44 years, 34 of which have been serving El Paso.

Mark Cavaliere

Mark is the Founder and Executive Director of the Southwest Coalition for Life which he started in 2015. With the support of the Las Cruces community, he quit his job the following year to focus his entrepreneurial drive into full-time pro-life ministry across the Borderland. Mark lives in Chaparral, NM with his wife Melissa and their five children.

Our Hero of the Year

PAULINA was one of our first clients to choose life for her baby on board our Mobile Ultrasound Bus. Earlier this year, she drove over four hours from Midland to Santa Teresa and paid $700 for an abortion because she felt like she had no support from the baby’s father. She met one of our Her Care Connection interns, Valentina, and was directed onto our Medical Ultrasound Bus. After seeing her baby and hearing the heartbeat, she knew she couldn’t go through with the abortion. At first, the facility would not refund her money, but we connected her to our attorney and put her up in a hotel and the next morning she was able to demand her money back. Paulina later qualified for rent assistance through our Hero Fund and she just welcomed Baby Kezia on November 16.

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Servant of Life Award

MICHAEL J. SEIBEL is a private malpractice lawyer who dedicates his time and effort to the pro-life community.  He is the co-founder of Abortion on Trial, the Southwest’s leading pro-life enforcement and compliance organization.  He has worked with various organizations to close late term abortion training programs, close fetal tissue networks, and hold abortionists accountable.  He worked extensively with the Congressional Select Panel on Infant Lives to obtain two criminal referrals against the University of New Mexico and late-term abortionist Curtis Boyd. Mike’s work has been featured by the Albuquerque Journal, The Associated Press, The National Review, Live Action, Life News, The American Family Journal, and The Daily Caller. In particular, Mike has been instrumental in helping women in El Paso and Southern New Mexcio who have been harmed or exploited by local abortionist Franz Theard, as well as defending the safety and outreach of the Southwest Coalition for Life interns and mobile unit. 

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Thank you to our Sponsors & Underwriters!

Because our event is underwritten, 100% of sponsorships and donations go directly to helping moms be heroes.

8 SIGNAL Marketing
Abortion on Trial
Aileen Gose
Baby Angel
Bill & Jill Cavaliere
Danny & Silvia Muníz
Delilah Browning
Ed & Brooks Coleman
Guiding Star El Paso
Hispanic Republicans of Texas
Immaculate Conception Church
In Memory of Natali
Irene Armendariz-Jackson
Ivey Family
Jose & Diana Ramirez
Life is Good
Maria Alarcon
Marriage Support Ministry
Patrick & Laura Gordon
Pro-Life Mission Possible
Rafael & Arlette
Raul & Sarah Issa
Sarah Spraitzar, MD
Sims Family
The Francisco Mortgage Team
The Las Cruces Gang
Theresa Grace Paz

The SOUTHWEST COALITION FOR LIFE started in 2015 in response to an abortion center opening in Las Cruces, NM, the prior year. On December 31, 2016, the facility closed permantly. Since then, the Coalition has worked to unite the larger Borderland region and has been called one of the most high-impact local and regional pro-life organizations in the nation. We have now witnessed God close three local abortion facilities, a fourth pending with an “inactive” license, and the fifth and final facility struggling to remain open now that free ultrasounds are being offered right in their parking lot with our Medical Ultrasound Bus! 

Join the Coalition to revolutionize the meaning of pro-life by helping moms be the heroes by choosing LIFE through love, compassion, and action!

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Be a part of the proven local solution.

Praising God for 3 local abortion centers closed in 3 years.

Bring life-saving ultrasounds right to the front doors of the last active abortion center in the Borderland with our state-of-the-art Save the Storks bus.

Fill the sidewalk with young adults connecting women to life-affirming care on your behalf while building up the next generation of pro-life leaders.

Mobilize thousands in our region to peaceful and prayerful action through this biblical and global movement that is changing hearts and minds.

Empower qualifying abortion-vulnerable women with the financial assistance necessary so they can rise above their circumstances with confidence.

Organize our community with proven steps to stop the nation's largest abortion corporation from influencing our youth and destroying our culture. 

Bring together the pro-life communities across state lines, partisan lines, and denominational lines unlike ever before to be a voice for the voiceless.

Prefer to mail your donation? Send your checks or automatic bill pay to "Southwest Coalition for Life" at 1521 E Missouri Ave, El Paso, TX 79902

"The help that I’ve received and continue to receive is just such a huge blessing and like I’ve said so many times, I am so glad that Brian was there to stop me from making a huge mistake and show me that there is help out there. Once Emilio gets older and I have a little more free time I would love to volunteer to help other woman that were in my situation."

Her Care Connection Client

“I'm so overwhelmed with your act of kindness and support. With the support of Her Care Connection, you have restored my faith that there are 'angels' right here on Earth. I have been trying really hard to turn my life around, and thanks to you I feel like my life is back on track for doing that. People don't believe in random acts of kindness, but I'm proof that it really happens. You are selfless and kind and your generosity and assistance will always be remembered and appreciated beyond words. So I just want to say thank you so very, very much for your help."

Hero Fund Recipient

"There was a girl right in front of Planned Parenthood to where as I was going in I had to pass her. She approached me and asked if I was going in there, in a very very kind and loving tone, and when I told her yes, she didn't ask why, she didn't come off as judgmental or hateful, I mean, all I could feel was pure, genuine respect and love. And she just offered me these referral coupons with different support services, different testing services that are all offered, and again, so non-judgmental. We prayed together, and it was just super incredible and I'm so thankful for this organization and I hope that it spreads further because the love and the message is incredible and life-changing!"

Her Care Connection Client

"I'm glad I had someone there who supported me and appreciated what I wanted and cared about giving me a chance in caring for this baby. It meant the world to me to have you there by my side, helping me bring my son into the world. I'll never forget it. No matter what, you're always going to be a part of my life and Gabriel's life, and I'm always going to send you pictures of how big he's getting in videos and everything, invitations to parties, all of it! I want you to be there for every milestone of his life because that's how much you mean to me! Thank you so much for being there. Again, it meant the entire world to me and I'll never forget it."

Her Care Connection Client
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Help Shape History


"I've watched in amazement as one of my heroes, Mark Cavaliere, and his team have expanded the reach and the life-saving impact of the Southwest Coalition for Life across Southern New Mexico and West Texas with a focused mission of seeing your entire Southwest region become abortion free. 40 Days for Life is a great starting point, but it alone is not enough to end abortion. Transforming your region, building a culture of life, and bringing the injustice of abortion to an end is going to require regional collaboration. You have an incredible opportunity to help shape history by expanding your involvement in the Southwest Coalition for Life!"

David Bereit
Founder of 40 Days for Life

"What Mark and the team have put together—the level of research that he and the team have done, and in turn, the stunning life-saving results that they've seen—is nothing short of my dream for every community around the world. Indeed, anywhere where we've seen really good infrastructure on the ground, we have seen miracles in those communities. Having traveled across the country, visiting communities, activist organizations, and pregnancy centers, I can tell you that the Southwest Coalition for Life is easily one of the top life-saving ministries in the country." 

Lauren Muzyka
Sidewalk Advocates for Life

"The Coalition for Life meant a lot to me after I left Planned Parenthood. They were the safe haven for me. They were the safety net for me. So I'm very excited and very proud of the work that's going on in Las Cruces and El Paso. We need people out there standing for life. We need people out there witnessing to the women who are going in, witnessing to the workers who are going in, and showing that we're not just there for a few days every year, but we're there every day, that we care about you enough that we're willing to sacrifice out time, we're willing to stand out in the heat, we're willing to do whatever it takes to be there for you and to journey with you on this path to choose life."

Abby Johnson
Former Planned Parenthood Manager

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Prefer to mail your donation? Send your checks or automatic bill pay to "Southwest Coalition for Life" at 1521 E Missouri Ave, El Paso, TX 79902

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